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Welcome to Professional Hearing & Audiology Clinics!

We are one of the nation's oldest and largest Hearing Health Care providers with nearly 60 years of quality service and offices throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Professional Hearing Staff Rockford IL Donald R. Kleindl II, BC-HIS, ACA, MCAP Audioprosthologist, Clinic Director & his staff of Audiologists, Audioprosthologists, and State Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists

Professional Hearing & Audiology Clinics was established with a mission to provide the hearing impaired the best hearing rehabilitation available. Professional Hearing & Audiology Clinics, through its industry partners, provides you access to the broadest range of hearing aid instrument technologies.

Clinical services are provided by Audiologists and Hearing Aid Instrument Specialists with the education and experience to offer expert hearing evaluation, hearing aid instrument selection, fitting and important after-care service.

Today there are hundreds of models of hearing aid instruments from which to choose. However, not all styles or technologies are appropriate for every kind of loss. Your Professional Hearing Specialist will assist you in determining the most appropriate hearing aid instrument for your hearing loss, keeping in mind your personal considerations regarding cost, cosmetic appearance, and lifestyle.

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